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QR Codes


QR Codes
Hi everyone
Has anyone used QR codes in the classroom? If so, please share your ideas.
New to QR codes like me?  Then scan the above codes for fun and see what I have learned.
(If you don�t have one, you can download a free QR code scanner from your app store)

26 Feb 2015      



26 Feb 2015     


I use them a lot on worksheet ! To study a video at home (flipped classroom) or for a quizlet training for vocabulary.
I put them everywhere. 

26 Feb 2015     


don �t have a smart phone and am an absolute alien to the codes

26 Feb 2015     


Often i will use them for further reading.

So if we are learning a grammar point and I found a website that goes into more detail, with more examples, games etc then i will add a QR code on the worksheet - many students travel by train or bus, so it �s a good way to pass the time...

Also, if we have had a class project, i will upload the work or photos to a secure storage folder that only people with the QR code can access for a limited time - it �s an easy way to share and more convenient than having a long link they have to type...

Also you can use free websites to design a basic QR code with an icon, picture, and /or color

26 Feb 2015