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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > warm up activities ?    

warm up activities ?


warm up activities ?
Hello everyone
could you share different ways for(  warm up)  that you use in your classes. 
for young learners between 4 to 10 
Thanks in advance 

2 Mar 2015      

nasreddine Sarsar

A good warm up should address two things:
1. Reviewing: review with students the previously taught material
2. Previewing: Share the learning plan with your students (What they are expected to achieve by the end of the lesson)
The objective of a warm-up is to revise previous learning and link it to the new learning so that students can make sense of what is being taught. There is no one ideal warm up. Similarly, there is no one fits all warm up activity. You should think of a warm up that can lead the students to assimilate the new material. Below are several links to warm-up activities:
I hope you will find my contribution a bit helpful. Wish you a nice day.

2 Mar 2015     


Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to say, I totally agree with you Sarsar, an activity should have some reason for taking place or else it īs just a mindless activity.
Good luck with your classes!

3 Mar 2015     


Review games are always great. You can find many bingo, crossword puzzle, and other free sites to create these printouts online easily. I also am a big fan of getting kids moving. Can you project a youtube video in your classroom? Try dancing, hopping, group activities--anything moving tends to get the mind going. Good luck!

3 Mar 2015     



3 Mar 2015     


Thanks all for your help and support
i was looking for new ideas , new games . 
I know the warm up can be a new thing ( game , puzzle , song , .... ) related or unrelated to the lesson of the day. or it can be a ( lead in activity ) for the new lesson .
is this right ? 

4 Mar 2015