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Caption contest


Caption contest
Thank you Douglas for choosing me as the winner of the caption contest.
Here is a new picture to tickle your wit. Let s see what you can come up with it.
I will choose the winner as soon as we have a nice number of captions to choose from.

4 Mar 2015      

United States

"I was just checking the air in my right front tire."

4 Mar 2015     

Russian Federation

" The citizens of our town are very curious to know how you feel now. Can you share your feelings?" - "............."

4 Mar 2015     

United States

I m king of the world....king...of....the....w...

4 Mar 2015     

United Kingdom

"They weren t kidding when they said you were the fastest news team around!"

4 Mar 2015     


... and do you have a message for your loved ones?

4 Mar 2015     

Mariethe House

Yes... a message to my girl friend:" I m using my last breath to tell you I love you" Heart

4 Mar 2015     


News, news, news... No matter what or how!

4 Mar 2015     


1.- Yes, there s an autopilot for the cheapest version of this car ... it s me.
2.- Can you scratch my back. dear lady? I can t do it by myself

4 Mar 2015     


-You must be the driver s wife or else how could you know?
- No, sir, I m his cousin. 

4 Mar 2015     

United Kingdom

Reporter: This is the Flying News station. May I say, sir, you look like you are trying to fly through that windscreen!
The guy: Why don t you ********* fly off? 

4 Mar 2015     

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