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ESL forum > Teaching material > 2 nice sites + Request for motivating tasks / projects for students    

2 nice sites + Request for motivating tasks / projects for students


2 nice sites + Request for motivating tasks / projects for students
2 nice sites:
I am looking for ideas about projects / tasks that are motivating for students. If you know any interesting sites / books, I �d be grateful!

22 Mar 2015      

Greek Professor

Hi frenchfrog,
Good to see you around....  
how about... -  writing for a newspaper / students may be interested in the fact that newspaper articles and press releases are written in a very different way from more ‘normal’ pieces of writing.
*  Introduce the students to a piece of research per group.  - by visiting a local museum and asking the students to choose an aspect to research and then write about in more depth later (the adaptation for the lower level group was that each student worked in a group that corresponded to their travel groups from the previous weekend and they were asked to write a report of their visit, including photographs).

22 Mar 2015     


i don �t know if it qualifies as a motivating task but what about a role play around "saving lives"?
i have a lesson plan (and a lot of documents...) to help pupils perform this final task "you are at home and someone in your house has just had a terrible accident so you need to call the emergency services to explain the situation and follow their advice"
it includes: vocabulary related to injuries, accidents, parts of the house (intended to A2-B1 pupils), simple past vs simple past in BE + ing, etc...
i can send you the link to my cloud if you want... just let me know!

22 Mar 2015     


Do you know Storybird ?
"Write. Your words. Our art. Amazing stories.
Simple tools help you build books in minutes. Let the art inspire and surprise you as you write."
Students love it!

22 Mar 2015     


How about the BBC News Report project? While it is almost exclusively for UK schools, partners from other countries can also participate if they are paired up with one of the participating UK schools. It looks worth a try.
You can also find lots of ideas in eTwinning project kits or project gallery.

22 Mar 2015     


Thank you for your ideas and links!

22 Mar 2015     


  • anti-bullying : Ss get photos of themseves, pretending they are bullies, by-standers, teachers and use the photos in a sequence to produce an anti-bullying story. They can also add captions, bubbles, drawings, posters. In the end, they can make a ppt with their story or they could even present it as a play.
Greetings from Greece,

22 Mar 2015     


Hi, How about Story Corps? StoryCorps.me is designed to help pupils conduct and record great interviews. The app includes a set of questions that you can use in your interview. The question sets are varied depending upon the relationship that you do or don�t have with your interviewee. While recording your interview you can swipe through the questions to help you keep the interview on track. Completed recordings can saved on your device and or shared with the StoryCorps community if you want. Hope you�ll find it useful. Orly www.orlywiner.wikispaces.com www.orlywiner.wikispaces.com

23 Mar 2015