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Stolen worksheets without referance website


Stolen worksheets without referance website
Hi everybody,
Yesterday there ws a worksheet uploaded by waterlily87 which was not his/her own worksheet but a series of worksheet from one of the Turkish sites. I got that series of worksheets 7-8 years ago but I don t remeber the site. Actually it was in several sites because I downloaded its different versions (doc or pdf) at different times from different websites. cheezels asked me the website so we can report it as a stolen. Actually I have seen many worksheets from that series but I couldn t report as stolen worksheets because I didn t know the websites. But this morning I serched all the Turkish websites that I know and after some time I found one of its versions. The adress is below. You can also download it from that website. It s a Turkish website and you need to register to download. Registration is free but it s in Turkish. If you cannot register or don t want to register, I can e-mail anyone who wants that series of worksheets, wheter in doc format or pdf or both. The website is below:

and my e-mail address is: [email protected]

Have a nice weekend!


20 Feb 2009      

Sri Lanka

My dear
I think you shouldn t have done this because  all are trying to learn something. even if that is from another web
Waterrlilly87 is cleaver to do it for the people who want s to learn. what you should do is dont go around looking for things if its stolen or not learn something if can.

20 Feb 2009     


Dear jchris, agkk is absolutely right in reporting stolen worksheets. The idea of this site is not only to learn from each other but to share ideas and worksheets. I use the internet, other printables on this site and books for inspiration but have never uploaded a sheet claiming it to be mine. Waterlilly87 is probably clever because up until now he/she has not been caught out. But the purpose of this site is to contribute quality worksheets that is your own work. Thanks agkk for reporting and to other users we must continue to be vigliant about this!

20 Feb 2009     

New Zealand

Dear jchris:

You might want to read the rules for contributing to this site again especially the part about copying from other websites.

Please remember:

You cannot send printables taken from other websites or publications. They must be your own creations.

We only accept ESL resources written in English language. A frame, a border or a single drawing is not an ESL resource. Remember that this website is not a clipart collection.

If your contribution is a copy from other website or from a book your account in ESLprintables will be cancelled.

If you have a worksheet that you didn t make yourself (borrowed from a colleage teacher, for example) DON T SEND IT. It might be taken from this or another website, and you would be banned from eslprintables.com

Don t send useless documents. Nobody will download them and you ll get 0 points.

20 Feb 2009     


I Think that what agkk has done is the right thing to do. We are not suppose to upload worksheets that are not original. We all have the right to know about  a good website!
Thanks for the tip agkk!!

20 Feb 2009     


the rules in this site are REALLY CLEAR. you shouldnt upload work NOT DONE BY YOU. one thing is to use pictures and parts of other ws or places (books, sites,...), and another thing is to take it straight from another site. What I think agkk means is that Waterlily87 has taken it from another site WITHOUT ADDING ANYTHING on his own.
THAT S WRONG! there are here many hardworking people who spend hours making worksheets and they share them with the rest of the community. If people just take from another site, the deal is not fair!.
AGKK, thanks for letting us know about it.... (I am not personally interested in those ws because I dont teach young students, but if I did, I would have liked to know)

20 Feb 2009     


Waterlilly87 is not clever, he/she is someone dishonest. If i find a good site i write it on the forum so that everybody can enjoy it. BUT i don t try to take advantage of a system in an unfair way, thinking my colleagues are mere suckers!  I find her attitude absolutely revolting! Censored

20 Feb 2009     


The content of the worksheets is as follow:


WORKSHEET 1: Subject Pronouns and Verb To Be  

 WORKSHEET 2: Present Simple and Present Cont.  

WORKSHEET 3   : Present Simple and Present Cont. II

WORKSHEET 4   : Pre. Simple, Pre. Cont., Sim. Past

WORKSHEET 5 : Past form of verb To Be
WORKSHEET 6 : Past form of verb To Be II

WORKSHEET 7 : Simple Past Tense

WORKSHEET 8 : Simple Past and Past Continuous  
WORKSHEET 9 : Simple Past and Past Continuous II.
WORKSHEET 10 : Present Perfect Tense
WORKSHEET 11 : Present Perfect Tense vs Present Perfect Continuous
WORKSHEET 12 : Simple Past vs Present Perfect Tense / Present Perfect Tense vs Present Perfect Continuous
WORKSHEET 13 : Past Perfect Tense
WORKSHEET 14 : Past Perfect Tense / Past Perfect Continuous

WORKSHEET 15 : Going to
WORKSHEET 16 : Future Continuous
WORKSHEET 17 : Future Perfect / Future Perfect Contınuous
WORKSHEET 18 : Future in the past  
WORKSHEET 19 : Future Forms
WORKSHEET 20 : Tense Review
WORKSHEET 21 : Tenses (Rewrite or Combine)
WORKSHEET 22 : Correct Tense or Voice
WORKSHEET 23 : Passive Form I
WORKSHEET 24 : Passive Form II
WORKSHEET 25 : Passive Form III

WORKSHEET 26 : Reported Speech
WORKSHEET 27 : Reported Speech II  
WORKSHEET 28 : Adjectives and Adverbs
WORKSHEET 29 : Adjectives ending ing or -ed
WORKSHEET 30 : Conditionals
WORKSHEET 31 : Conditionals II  
WORKSHEET 32 : Wishes
WORKSHEET 33 : Comperatives and Superlatives WORKSHEET 34 : Prepositions (at / in / on)
WORKSHEET 35 : Prepositions

WORKSHEET 36 : Relative Clause
WORKSHEET 37 : Relative Clause II
WORKSHEET 38 : Modals
WORKSHEET 39 : Modals II
WORKSHEET 40 : Used to / Would / Be used to
WORKSHEET 41 : Some / Any / Much / Many / A lot of / (a) Few / (a) Little
WORKSHEET 42 : Some- / Any- / No- with body / -one / -thing / -where

WORKSHEET 43 : Tag questions
WORKSHEET 44 : Causatives
WORKSHEET 45 : Both and / Neither nor / Either or / Not only but also
WORKSHEET 46 : Articles
WORKSHEET 47 : Purpose : So that / to / In order to / In Case
WORKSHEET 48 : Reason and Result: because (of), as, since, so, as a result, therefore,

WORKSHEET 49 : Contrast: although, even though, though, in spite of, despite,
while, whereas, however
WORKSHEET 50 : Gerund or Infinitive

WORKSHEET 51: Gerund or Infinitive 2
WORKSHEET 52: Pronouns
WORKSHEET 53: Pronouns 2
WORKSHEET 54: Reflexive Pronouns
WORKSHEET 55: Modals
WORKSHEET 56: Perfect Modals
WORKSHEET 57: Possessive s
WORKSHEET 58: So / Neither
WORKSHEET 59:Enough / Too
ORKSHEET 60: Rewrite

If anyone intersested I can e-mail them.

20 Feb 2009     


Sorry for that long message. So I send this one so the previous one will not appear on the forum

20 Feb 2009     

Sri Lanka

ops what a topic to talk. I have no heart feeling agkk. thanks for all the comments. I am  sure nobody is having a hitch.but what I thought is we must not run down any one. all of us are trying to  help each other.
nice to read all you comments. be happy. My e mail is [email protected]

21 Feb 2009