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Invited to moderate submissions.


Invited to moderate submissions.
I have been invited to moderate disputed submissions.
I have looked at the moderators � page.
There is a section called �comments �.
Is that to send a comment to the uploader, or to the site admin in support of a decision?
One reported upload has been reported as it appears to be a copy of another upload.
In the original upload the uploader states that it is an abridged version of something else already on the �net.
In cases like that, I would need help to moderate.
Is there a page for new moderators to get advice?
Thank you.

15 Apr 2015      


First, congratulations on becoming a moderator. Secondly, to moderate look under your Avatar, Points, etc. ...there is a link to the "Moderator �s Page". This is where you can do the moderating. 

15 Apr 2015     


Zora, thank you for replying, but I was not asking where the page is.
I have already looked at it.
I was asking other questions relating to moderator decisions rather than navigating the site.
Thank you for replying though.

15 Apr 2015     


Is the comments box you refer to underneath the Reason for the ws being reported?? If so, that is just where we all comment on whether we agree or disagree with reason for the ws being reported. It �s just for us moderators. It�s not for the uploader. That person just receives a canned message - I think. 
Also, when Reporting a ws - you may have noticed a whole bunch of reasons why. Some people provide links that you can go to, others provide the book and others tell you where you can find it.  
For the abridge version ws you are referring to, I don �t see it but I would let it go as long as it �s just the text that is the same and the questions and layout are different. (Taking another �s layout is a huge source of contention.)
I hope that helps somewhat. I was in a rush and didn �t quite read your question properly. If you have questions about a ws... just use the comments section under that ws and somebody will help you along. 

15 Apr 2015     



Thank you very much for your reply.

That helps a lot and I understand now.

I was indeed referring to the comments box under the report w/s section of the page.

I can be a little more confident in helping to moderate submissions now.

Thank you again.

19 Apr 2015