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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Which is correct?    

Which is correct?


Which is correct?
Hi, I need your help.
Which one is correct? 
I will be invited to a party tomorrow or I am invited to the party tomorrow?
Thank you. 

16 Apr 2015      


Have you already been invited?  If so the correct answer is:  "I am invited to the (a) party tomorrow."
If you think that in the future it īs possible, then use the first sentence: "I will be invited to the (a) party tomorrow." 

16 Apr 2015     


Both of sentences are correct.
Let īs find the difference between two expressions for the future " will " and " be +V_ing" 
See more at Cambridge grammar in use by Raymond

16 Apr 2015     


Thank you ! :D

16 Apr 2015     


It depends on what you want the sentence to mean. 
I will be invited to a party tomorrow.
This means that there is a party with an unknown date.  Tomorrow, I will be invited to this party.
I am invited to the party tomorrow.
There is a party the next day.  I am already invited.
"will be" something that is going to happen
"am" present state of being  

16 Apr 2015     


I have been invited to a party, is best

16 Apr 2015     


.....and don īt forget "going to" for future meaning + present continuous for future arrangements:
  • She īs going to get married in the spring.
  • We īre going to have a party next week.

  • I īm meeting friends for lunch tomorrow.
  • We īre leaving for Paris on Sunday.

17 Apr 2015     


Thank you !

5 May 2015