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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > 2 short films in class!    

2 short films in class!


2 short films in class!
 1. The silent scene near the beginning of �Up� where we see the story of a married life in less than 5 minutes. Beautiful but sad... You can find the student �s worksheet and teacher �s notes here.

You can  find the whole story in pictures here.  Υou can also have your own 3D Carl character to take on an adventure!

2,  The second one is a short video called "Blind Date". The activity starts off with a vocabulary game and finishes with storytelling. Between the two, students watch the clip, order the vocabulary and predict the ending. https://allatc.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/blind-date/ -click on the teacher �s notes.

In case you show both films to the same group of students, there will be a big conversation about happiness and love. They will start comparing the 2 films and will not stop asking questions. This could lead to a third lesson: THE GIFT!

Greetings from Greece,

26 Apr 2015      


Just great! Thank you so much!

27 Apr 2015     

[email protected]

Great as usual. Thamk you very much

27 Apr 2015