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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > simple past tense    

simple past tense


simple past tense
I have a doubt. Please if someone can help me answer the question below:
 Some books present the past tense of the verb travel as traveled with one L. Other books present the verb travelled  with two ll. What is correct?
 I hope that someone can help me.

27 Apr 2015      

United States

Both are correct. One is common in England, the other in the US.

I�d also like to point out that what you have is an uncertainty, not a doubt. Bruce

27 Apr 2015     


I have noticed the same with �cancel �.
In the online British English dictionary that I just checked, �travelled � is the past tense. (Cambridge)
In the American one, both �traveled � and �travelled � are listed side by side.
I have been told in the past that in some cases (as language natually changes etc) that both can be used for �canceled � and �cancelled �.
I am sorry that this is not a definitive answer.
Perhaps there is not one definitive answer in this (these) case(s).

28 Apr 2015     

adel boukhchina

Both are correct. This case will be repeated with plenty of verbs and it depends whether you are using American or British English

28 Apr 2015