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Caption Contest

United States

Caption Contest
Thank you, Jayho, for picking my entry on the last Caption Contest! 

In keeping with Jayho�s kitty theme, here is the picture I have chosen. I am looking forward to seeing what all of you have to say! :-)
UPDATE: And the winner is evinches with "Just CATching up with my spelling." 
Thank you all for the fun, great captions!

2 May 2015      


Something�s up - my owners are talking and then spelling this word today, v  e  t  . I shall look it up to see what it means.

2 May 2015     


What �s the meaning of castration?

3 May 2015     


Snip! Snip! Chop! Chop!!!

3 May 2015     

nasreddine Sarsar

Curiosity will never kill me!

3 May 2015     

United Kingdom

Professor Tiddles: �Synerotapomology....Mmm, that �s one worthy of the WOD competition. � 

3 May 2015     

United Kingdom

This catalogue doesn �t have a category for catcalls or caterwauling. (Sorry Moody Moody, beat you to itTongue).

3 May 2015     

maryse pey�

Well and now let �s look for the name of my father �s gran gran granmother �s aunt of my...

3 May 2015     

Hong Kong

Hmm, why oh why do they spell it �Kitkat � when it surely ought to be spelled �Kitcat �.

3 May 2015     


Just CATching up with my spelling.

3 May 2015     


I bet the dictionary can help me catch a bird or a mouse better than Google :)

3 May 2015     

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