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Dates in English


Dates in English
Please help me with this.
As far as I know 12/4 is read "the twelveth of April"  or  "April the twelveth". But today, I heard that it is read " twelveth of the fourth".
Someone can tell me why?
Thank you 

17 May 2015      

United States

That �s not done in the US.


17 May 2015     


The person is reading fraction....12/4 doesn �t mean date..it means fraction ie part of a whole

17 May 2015     


1/4, 1/3, 2/4 , 12/4 are all representing fractions. Not date. It �s only china they write dates that way. It �s fraction in standard English

17 May 2015     


I just wanted to add,
there is no �twelveth � - we say and write �twelfth � 

18 May 2015     

alien boy

Someone saying  �the telfth of the fourth � is saying it �s the 12th day of the 4th month. I �ve heard it said often enough. I �m wondering if it �s an Australianism.

 In the USA, the standard practice is to put the month first, then the day no., therefore 12/4 would be December 4(th). Most of the rest of the world uses the day no. before the month. This makes 12/4 12(th) April.


18 May 2015     


In Chinese, the months have no names, only numbers.  Early learners state the date by literally translating from Chinese.  That is likely the source of the error. 

18 May 2015     


I heard this from a recording of Family and Friends 5. The text is from a forum website. 
I am wondering if it is kind of slang used on the Internet.

18 May 2015     


It �s not slang. We use this form of date in Australia quite often. When ringing a phone company about a problem for example, and they want to check your ID (Identification).
What is your date of birth? 
I could answer the second of the third, nineteen seventy.
It �s a way of saying the date which copies the way you would fill it in on a form. 02/03/1970 
This is British English we always say the day / the month /the year  dd/mm/yyyy

19 May 2015     


I got it. Thank you very much !

20 May 2015