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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Present simple- Thanksgiving    

Present simple- Thanksgiving


Present simple- Thanksgiving
Hi mates!
Any ideas to work the present simple of verb to be related to Thanksgiving festivity?
Thanks in advance! 

28 May 2015      

United States

How about dialogs about different traditions in different families? Here īs an example (taken straight off the top of my head):
Noah: Jayla, it īs hard to believe that it īs almost Thanksgiving again. I can īt wait! My family usually visits my mother īs family, and I see my cousins again. It īs great!
Jayla: We don īt have a big family, so my mother usually invites a lot of the neighbors over. Mr. Johnson īs fried turkey is the best!
Noah: My grandmother always bakes her turkey, and then she makes gravy for the mashed potatoes. It īs delicious!
Jayla: My mother has macaroni and cheese instead of the potatoes. And she makes a fantastic pumpkin pie, too!
Noah: My grandfather hates pumpkin pie, so we usually have apple pie and pecan pie instead. After dinner, we go for a walk and then play board games. I usually beat my cousins at Scrabble.
Jayla: That sounds like fun! The men and the boys watch football on the big screen TV while the women and girls wash the dishes. It īs not fair.
Noah: Everyone helps clean up at my grandparents ī house. That īs half the fun. I guess you can look forward to shopping on Friday.
Jayla: Now you īre talking!

28 May 2015     


Create rainbows of Subject-Verb-Object and produce sentences.
Greetings from Greece,

30 May 2015