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ESL forum > Teaching material > Please help me once again.    

Please help me once again.


Please help me once again.

In Vietnam, we do not use any textbooks from englishtips.org to teach students. The Vietnamese Ministry of education and training has composed our own curriculum, so we have our own textbooks from grade 3 to grade 12. For my reference, I �d like to know which English books of your own country ( where English is the foreign language ) are used to teach students from grade 3 to grade 12. If possible, can you send me the English books of your own country? Many thanks.

8 Jun 2015      


Hello I´m Brazilian and I am doubts with the word "litter"... littering and improves residents´quality of life.
with "ing"   and " Ed"
Individuals are much more likely to dispose of waste in a " littered" environment.A clean community, however, discourages  littering and improves residents´quality of life.
What are these mean? What´s the difference? thanks 

8 Jun 2015     

United States

Hi, Laurinete,

First, when you have your own question, you shouldn �t "reply" to another person �s post. Instead, you should go to the bottom of the forum and click on Start New Topic. Then the thread will be your own.

Now for your answers:
The "-ing" form is, in this case, a verbal noun, referring to the process (as a noun)
Speaking is difficult in a foreign language.
Running is good exercise.
The "-ed" form is the past participle, in this case, being used as an adjective.
We have a saying in English, "Don �t cry over spilled milk" ("spilt" in British English).
I have trouble walking because of a pulled muscle in my back.
No one likes to see littered streets in their city.

8 Jun 2015