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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Change into interrogative negative     

Change into interrogative negative


Change into interrogative negative
 I have to change this sentence into interrogative negative, please help!
You may have heard people using the word "serendipity" 
Would it be: may you not have heard people using the word "serendipity"?

7 Jul 2015      

United States

It �s grammatically correct, but far too formal, so people wouldn �t say it. I would suggest "Haven �t you heard people using the word �serendipity?"


7 Jul 2015     


Thank you again! And true again! :-)

7 Jul 2015     

United States

I agree with Bruce about Haven �t you heard people using the word �serendipity � ? being the best option.
However I found a link that claims that mightn �t is used in Australian English.
If this is true, then we could say, "Mightn �t you have heard people using the word �serendipity � ?" which to me sounds like the speaker is trying to jog the receiver �s memory, as to whether he may have in actual fact actually heard the word �serendipity � spoken afterall.
I would love to hear from Aussies about this. p.s. I ope the word �Aussies � is politically correct and respectful when used by a foreigner. If incorrect, my apologies in advance.

8 Jul 2015