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Activities with songs


Activities with songs
Hi dear colleagues!
I have to write a short essay for a course regarding activities to do with songs in the primary school. 
Can you tell me what activities do you do with your young pupils, please? Or have you got some useful links about it? 
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. :)

2 Sep 2015      

United States

Hi Stefania

how I usually teach songs is that I either teach the vocabulary in the song up front or I show them video with a cartoon that shows the action of what īs happening in the song. If I use flashcards, I play some games with them such as hide and seek or any other vocabulary game really. Then I have the children come up with their own gestures that we then use in the song. That īs also a good way to revise vocab in the next lesson (you do the gestures they came up with and they guess which word it was). Then i sing the song for the kids and make sure they understand everything, then they sing with me. Then I usually follow things with a craft activity  or a worksheet where they fill out missing words, but also are allowed to color (for example a text with blanks and b&w pictures behind the blanks).

But there are so many ways to go about this. You can use physical activities as well (like TPR), depending on what song you are teaching. Reenacting the song if it īs a short story ... 
I īm sure you will get many more ideas from the other teachers as well :)

Good luck on your essay, Stefania :)

2 Sep 2015