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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Simplified "the death of a salesman" or "Romeo and Juliet" or others.    

Simplified "the death of a salesman" or "Romeo and Juliet" or others.


Simplified "the death of a salesman" or "Romeo and Juliet" or others.
Dear friends, 
I am in need of scripts for drama activities. I thought of "the death of a salesman" and "Romeo and Juliet". the constraint is that they ´re very long and not easy to learn by heart. My students are, generally, upper intermediate. If you have any other suggestion, you are most welcome.
Thank you. 

9 Sep 2015      


Here is Romeo and Juliet
Here are some other Shakespearean plays
Hope it helps

9 Sep 2015     


Some scripts for ESL purposes here: 
One of the members posted these links as well.

maryse peyé

Your students on stage. Free play scripts.
Here are 3 websites to give you plenty of ideas of nice plays for your students :

22 Jan 2012

FWIW Not sure how ESL students will fare with Shakespeare - I can barely understand the old English.  Would be a nightmare to teach IMO  :)

9 Sep 2015     


Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

11 Sep 2015