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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > To all teachers based in France    

To all teachers based in France


To all teachers based in France
Can anyone recommend a course book with lesson plans etc for college levels (6e to 3e). I loved the I-SPY for primary school, but have been struggling to find something similar for college so have been doing my own thing for the last five years...Anyone got any suggestions. A few of the teachers usethe "Enjoy English" series, but I am not too sure!

12 Sep 2015      


I �m not in France but here �s my suggestion - how about Real Life, Pearson?

12 Sep 2015     



I love the collection called "Your Space", it �s easy and interesting. The problem is there are only 3 levels.... 

Ecris-moi en mp ;-)

12 Sep 2015     


Personally, I don �t think any is totally satisfactory. They all have bits to use or give inspiration, but I haven �t used a textbook all year round for years and I don �t miss that. Anyway, in France we �re encouraged to do our own thing, so why don �t you just carry on ;) ? And of course have a look here and there to find new ideas.
Good luck!

12 Sep 2015     


I �m keen on � �welcome � from Hatier. There are lots of oral comprehension to train pupils. i �ve tested 6èmes and 5èmes and this year i �ve just started with 3ème. 
i remember there was a video meant for teachers in the level for 6ème, i �m sure you can find it on hatier website. the teachers �books are free of downloading. 
 Hope it helps

13 Sep 2015