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Best Cambridge Exam Material

United Kingdom

Best Cambridge Exam Material
Hi People!
Cambridge have changed the exams again and I �ve noticed the books we normally use for teaching (Vocabulary for PET/CFE/CAE and Grammar for PET/FCE/CAE etc. for homework) are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of. What material would you recommend? I like the look of the Trainers series myself and the Objective PET/FCE/CAE looks good. 

17 Sep 2015      


Hi Spinney, I use the English cambridge Compact First and Advanced .
There isn �t much point in working with the old books since quite a few of the features have changed. Sometimes it �s only little things like 8 gaps instead of 12 in an exercise.
For my FCE and CAE classes, I wrote surveys of all the exam types with strategies and advice on how to practice for them which I uploaded here (together with some other CAE and FCE stuff). I find them quite useful for a quick overview and for orientation. 
I �m new in the Cambridge business but love my two classes.
 I recently came across  the vocabulary corpus for B 2 and C 1 and realized that my students really have to work on their vocabulary.
Do you have any good ideas on how to work with these pages and pages of words without boring them to death with lists? Someone suggested making crosswords- but with a couple of  hundred words for B 2 and C 1 each I �d spend the rest of my life making crosswords and copying piles and piles of them for my students. 
Btw, I think we should ask Victor to include "Cambridge Exam Training" as one category of content or type of worksheet. 
best regards

17 Sep 2015     

United Kingdom

Hi Elderberry!
I �ll investigate your recommendation. It sounds good.
For me, I make a small description game of the vocabulary for the chapters I cover. For example, the vocab lists for each chapter in the books is broken down into lists. I then put the words with either a synonym or atonym into an envelope and get them to describe them to each other. it works a treat and helps fluency.

17 Sep 2015     


I really like the Richmond Target series for PET, KET, B1 and FCE.

18 Sep 2015     



18 Sep 2015     

United Kingdom

Thanks people!

19 Sep 2015