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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > How to say birthday    

How to say birthday


How to say birthday
If the question is : WHEN IS YOUR MUM �S BIRTHDAY?
Is it OK to say : IT IS ON September 2nd, 1974?
Thank you

20 Sep 2015      

United Kingdom

Yes, that is right.

21 Sep 2015     


But 1974 is in the past. Are you sure?

21 Sep 2015     


It is correct to use the present simple because it is an event which is repeated every year
You can use the past when you ask when was your mother born? 

21 Sep 2015     


When is your mom �s birthday?
1. It is on the second of September 
2. It is on September 2nd
3 She was born on 2nd September 1974
You need to use "born" when referring to the year 

21 Sep 2015     

United States

"My birthday is June 1st, 1962."
"I was born on June 1st, 1962."
"My birthday is June 1st."
All of these are correct.

21 Sep 2015     


Birthday refers to the annual event. 
Date of birth refers to when you were born. 
My mum �s birthday is on the 2nd of September.    (every year =present tense)
My mum was born on the 2nd September 1974.   ( one event in the past) 
My mum �s date of birth is the the 2nd September 1974.  (We use present because her date of birth stays the same all her life. Like saying Her name is.....

21 Sep 2015     

United States

It �s not often Marion, but I don �t fully agree with you on this one. Merriam-Webster defines birthday as EITHER "the day or anniversary of someone �s birth" .
I admit it is more common to use it as the anniversary, but it �s not wrong to use it otherwise either. Could this be a BE/AE/AusE thing?

22 Sep 2015     

United States

I can �t officially disagree with you , Douglas, since you have back-up, but I only use "birthday" for the anniversary. If I give the year (which I won �t here), I would say the day I was born.


22 Sep 2015