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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > ESL Writing & Reading (Young Learners 6 - 7)     

ESL Writing & Reading (Young Learners 6 - 7)


ESL Writing & Reading (Young Learners 6 - 7)
I got a new groups of little kids 6 - 7 that do not know how to write in English at all. They are very fluent but most of them cannot even write cat, what was a shock to me. I need advice how to start teaching them to write and read. I have no experience in this and would like to know how to start teaching writing and reading? Recommend some books or material. Thanks 

23 Sep 2015      


Hello. I find Profil �s flashcards (New Building Blocks) and wordcards very useful. When practicing vocabulary we play memory game with pictures and wordcards. They also like playing bingo with those flashcards. Also, if you can, try getting New Building Blocks worksheets, they have great exercises for this type of learners. :) 

23 Sep 2015     


Crosswords may be interesting too. With little kids I used to make them write small stories. Firstly they have to invent a character
( any is possible: a real person, an animal a monster) Then for each new vocabulary they draw the story, lets say in six pictures. Under each picture they write one or two sentences. For instance you are teaching the house vocabulary. They write. This is my house, This is the living room. There is a cat... and so on. In no time they will write long stories.

23 Sep 2015     

alien boy

I �ve also used coded messages, with a key, so the kids can go from symbols to letters. I start with simple phonics 3 letter words, and then the class can sound them out together when we check the answers. 

23 Sep 2015     

United States

Hangman may be helpful.

25 Sep 2015