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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > New English teacher in the world! :) help!    

New English teacher in the world! :) help!


New English teacher in the world! :) help!
Hi everybody.. well i would like to tell  this to start, that i got graduate as an english techer, one month ago, and now i am a technical assistant, but i want to begin to use my english knowledges with my degree to begin to b an english teacher, i am looking for techniques and  necessaries things to can begin this new rol, i would like to teach to kids, but i dont know really if is better to teach to teenagers, and how it would be, im a little afraid as it can be, what do you think, i need some advices of whatever you know regarding this topic. PS: my native language is spanish, im Ecuadorian

24 Sep 2015      

Russian Federation

If I were you I �d start with getting ready for an international exam in English. Try FCE or IELTS first. I found it really motivating myself at the beginning of my career. That helped me with my work later.

24 Sep 2015     


Hi Jenny, I agree with ninon100 and suggest you improve your English by taking an international exam and maybe by spending a couple of months in an English speaking country.
Did you train to be a teacher or did you just study English? Knowing the language doesn �t enable one to be a teacher, and a couple of tricks or pieces of advice on how to teach aren �t enough, I �m afraid. What sort of training do teachers get in your country?

26 Sep 2015     


There are two great FREE online courses (a certificate is not free though but registration and the course itself is) on Futurelearn
which can give you lots of insights.
Also check http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/  you �ll find lots of resources, tools and advice.

26 Sep 2015