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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Student with low english level according to his age.    

Student with low english level according to his age.


Student with low english level according to his age.
Hi dear friends!
I teach a student who is 11 years old. He has to pass the age in his school but his english level is so low, in fact he does not distinguish basic grammar rules (present simple in the three forms, etc.)

I don �t know how to teach all these concepts. For example, his firs exam is about present simple, have got, can and question forms of them. It is so much information for him due to I have only one hour per week to help him and his parents does not like extra homework. Moreover, he has got ADHD with lots of concentration problems.

I need help!! I know it seems imposible, but I don �t know if my work is done correctly.

Thanks in advance!


27 Sep 2015      

maryse pey�

One thing which can help is to make cards with the main words : DO, DOES, DID, CAN and the ones you will always find in the sentences. Then create a card for the S of the simple present (affirmative form - 3rd person of the singular) and others more general for the VERB WITHOUT TO, the SUBJECTf...
When you have a specific sentence make your student create new cards with the words of the sentence and ask him to put them on the right category (adjective...).
Then make him place the cards in the right order.
Generally this kind of game works.
Look at your private mail.

27 Sep 2015