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Korea, South

i have a question about this rule. i have a ppt game template that i downloaded but the actual contents and material covered in the game are completely my own. the game is the BAAM! template that i īm sure many here are familiar with. what īs the policy on this?

24 Feb 2009      


You need to look at the conditions written on the site where you took the template from.  If it is similar to MES English they have a strict stipulation that it cannot be copied elsewhere.  If there is no such restriction and you have put in your own content then I don īt see any particular harm in uploading it to the site.
I can only think of an example that if someone took one of my templates that I have prepared and then re-submitted it with different exercise contents then that would be perfectly okay with me.
Usually templates are designed for altering and changing and inserting your own material.
To be honest with you, I have never heard of the BAAM game, so I would be interested in knowing what it is about.

24 Feb 2009     

Korea, South

thanks for the speedy reply. i believe the game isn īt copyrighted material, just something another esl teacher made themselves, but i īll try to double check on that. actually, if i remember correctly the place where i got it had one designed game and then a blank template for other teachers to make their own. again, thanks.

24 Feb 2009     


I have a question too.  I see worksheet full of wonderful gif, clipart, images and so on... Of course that material is not one īs own creation. So how does it work? Can I put something taken from books, or internet or elsewhere?
Thank you

By the way, happy carnival (in Italy it īs carnival, is it elsewhere too?)

24 Feb 2009