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Writing topics for professional english


Writing topics for professional english
i am teaching a group of students with advanced level. And they have begged me to improve their writing skills; they suggested academic writing topics to be part of their learning course. plz if you have or know any resourses( worksheets; articles; lesson plans...) do send them to me.

21 Oct 2015      


Hi minimal70
FutureLearn has an excellent free essay writing course that maybe your students are interested in. It started 3 weeks ago but they can still join and do it at their own pace. Once enrolled, it remains available to you until you delete it.  https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/english-for-study
In terms of topics, I�d suggest IELTS sample topics as a good starting point.  There are loads of sites where they have topics and sample answers. Simply google IELTS topics.
This website seems pretty good though I haven�t actually used it yet as I am not currently teaching academic writing http://www.eslwriting.net/

22 Oct 2015     


I don �t think this is particularly helpful but I think its worth trying.
Make a list of words on the same level as the students in your class. (about 20 should be enough)
Ask the students to make partners.
Each student is to make an original story/essay/article, with 3-4 words included in your list on the topic of his or her choice(make sure they don �t choose the same topics), give them about 3-4 days for this.
Next tell then to switch with their partners, give them 1 day for correcting their partners mistakes(with a different coloured pen and highlight the mistakes).
Finally after this collect all the reports and check the usage of your words, also check the highlighted mistakes.
This way you can test your students twice(once for writing and one for correcting).
Now I don �t know if this will be possible but in my opinion it gives great writing practice.
Hope it helps.

22 Oct 2015