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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Help regarding verb tenses: "during" - followed by past simple or by present perfect?    

Help regarding verb tenses: "during" - followed by past simple or by present perfect?


Help regarding verb tenses: "during" - followed by past simple or by present perfect?
Hi, everyone
In the sentence "The children ______________________ tennis during one hour yesterday.", which would the correct alternative be?
a) played
b) was playing
c) were playing
d) have played
Considering that the sentence refers to a very specific time in the past  ("yesterday"), I would go for the past simple tense (alternative a), but considering how similar to "for" (in meaning) it is (they both refer to a period of time), I keep having second thoughts about the present perfect (alternative d).
Can you help me?

24 Oct 2015      


I think a is correct because the action started and finished in the past and has no connection with the present as well as the indicator yesterday indicates the past simple.

24 Oct 2015     

maryse pey�

PLAYED : due to the presence of  the word YESTERDAY this event is part of the past and has nothing to do with the present.
The event lasted 1 hour YESTERDAY but at this very moment the children are doing something else
The event is finished. So the duration is only in the PAST.
If you use the present perfect that means that the children are still playing tennis at this very moment (when you are speaking). They have not yet finished.
Hope this help.

24 Oct 2015     


Just as I thought! But hearing a second (and a third) opinion is truly reassuring, and it does indeed help, Marise.
Thank you, Salouh and Marise!


24 Oct 2015     


I would just add that
instead of during one hour consider using for one hour/for an hour.

24 Oct 2015     

United States

I agree with the others, and am writing because Giorgi �s point about using "for" instead of "during" is important. A native speaker wouldn �t use "during" in this sentence. 



24 Oct 2015     


I agree with Bruce - none of the options is correct with during in the sentence.
They played tennis for one hour.
They played tennis during their lunch break. 

29 Oct 2015