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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > in, on or nothing?    

in, on or nothing?


in, on or nothing?
A silly question maybe, just curiosity, which one would be the correct one?
search in this blog, search on this blog o simply search this blog? This last option is the most common as I can see on the internet.

14 Nov 2015      

United States

"Search this blog" is best. "Search IN this blog" would also work, but sounds less common. Prepositions can be so tricky...

14 Nov 2015     


Thanks a lot, Isabelle!

14 Nov 2015     

United States

No problem! 

14 Nov 2015     

United States

I totally agree with isabelly.



14 Nov 2015     

United Kingdom

Hi Ana,
I also vote for the null option :-)
Google Trends can help if you need to check on how often a particular phrase is used.
Mouse over the red lines for the actual numbers.
It ´s an interesting question, definitely not a silly one, because it shows how we associate new things with things we already know and apply the relevant ´old ´ prepositions.
"Search in this blog" because a blog is a text and similar to a book or journal, is contained and limited maybe?
"Search on this blog" because a blog is a website? Or is on a computer? (This one would be my least favourite, but I could imagine saying it)
"Search this blog" because a blog is three dimensional? Like a house? Too large to be ´contained ´?
Does anyone think that these two sentences carry the same meaning and strength:
  "Search in this blog for the writer ´s recipe for pumpkin soup"
  "Search this blog for the writer ´s recipe for pumpkin soup"
 They feel slightly different to me.

15 Nov 2015     


I would say:
- search the internet
- search on this page
- search within this blog 

16 Nov 2015