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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Some doubts    

Some doubts


Some doubts
Hello :)
I have some doubts and I would like your help.
Is it correct?
a)   Joan �s chores at home are tidy her bedroom.   Her duties at school are be quiet .....
b) 17.15     It �s a quarter past fifteen.         18.30     It´s half past eighteen
c)  My nationality is Portuguese.
d) My hometown is Lisbon.
Thank you 

24 Nov 2015      


a- Joan must tidy her bedroom at home and she must be quiet at school
b-it �s quarter past five -it �s half past six
c-I �m Portuguese
d-I �m from Lisbon

24 Nov 2015     


Thank you Momoma
And if the question is:
What are Joan �s chores at home?
Is it correct to answer:  Joan �s chores at home are tidy her bedroom .... ?
What are Joan �s duties at school?
Is it correct to answer: Joan �s duties at schoo are be quiet ..... ?
And in a writing production you have the prompt Hometown can you write the sentence:  His hometown is Lisbon ?

24 Nov 2015     


If you´re listing only one chore than I think it would be better to answer:
Joan´s chore at home is tidying her bedroom... or ... One of Joan´s chores at home is tidying her bedroom... (I think that it´s better to use the gerund in this structure).
My suggestion is the same for the question about her duties at school. 
It´s ok to say his hometown is Lisbon.
Hope it´s helpful!   

24 Nov 2015     


a) Joan �s chore at home is to tidy her room. Joan �s duty at school is to be quiet.

24 Nov 2015