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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Small children - how many topics per year?    

Small children - how many topics per year?

United States

Small children - how many topics per year?
Hello everybody
I just had a discussion with a fellow teacher (she teaches another language) and we talked about how many topics we go through per school year. To my astonishment she said she takes 2-3 months for one topic (she teaches kids between 3-8 years old).  I usually take between 2-4 weeks per topic (having 1x 60min-lesson per week), depending on the topic. Also I review the old topics later on in the year when connecting with something new. But 2-3 months sound a lot, no?
I �m curious to know how many topics you are teaching per year?
Have a great day/evening, whereever you are ;)

26 Nov 2015      


It varies a lot depending on the group age you presented.
Personally, I have about one 60 minute class a week and I can go for 4-6 classes on colors (including an evaluation). This is a lot of repetion, but making sure those core topics (colors, body parts, shapes, numbers, basic animals, school object, permissions) are known by all is a must for their futur learning.
I usually go for a song/written actitivity/game/story everyclass. I repeat the same song and the same story for the whole unit and I change the activity and the game.
Hope it helps 

26 Nov 2015     


I think it depends how you define "topic".
Say I was teaching "pets" - I might combine adjectives and descriptions with the pets vocabulary . So we have maybe 3 lessons to introduce, consolidate and then apply the core vocabulary, two lessons to introduce the adjectives and build simple sentences, maybe a couple of lessons on comprehension based on the new work, a lesson on production skills, a recap of all the grammar, maybe adding qualifiers like "very" or bringing in negatives, something creative to apply the new vocabulary and grammar in a new context like with zoo animals or imaginary creatures... So the topic of "pets" could easily take a couple of months if you only have one or two lessons a week!
That said, I think younger children can get bored easily so it �s important to show them how they are developing and moving forward. If they come in and think "oh, it �s pets again," it can be difficult to motivate them.

27 Nov 2015     


By and large, textbooks are usually divided into units or modules, and each unit or module can deal with more than one topic. Perhaps your friend meant unit or module because if a textbook contains 4 modules, for example, it may take some time to cover it

27 Nov 2015     

United States

Thank you so much for your answers. They are extremely helpful <3
I appreciate you taking the time to help me out! Have a wonderful weekend :)

27 Nov 2015