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Hi, All -- 
I �m working in a learning center that uses the DynEd system. This is my 3rd year with this system. Is there anybody else out there also in a DynEd environment?  If so, I �d like to compare notes.
Happy Holidays, from Beijing....

28 Nov 2015      


Hi Dear Colleague
   I�m a teacher of English at a high school in Turkey. Most of the students are at A.2.1., A2.2., A.3.2. and B1.1 Level. Our students benefit from DynEd system. We don �t use it in our class-rooms due to lack of technical support. They follow this system through their PCs or smart phones etc. Each student has a user�s name and a pass-word. English teachers are their record managers. We follow students� studies within the sytem. We�ll be glad if you share your notes with us...
Best Regards... 

29 Nov 2015     


Hi! Thanks for the response. I teach adults. It is all individual-based learning here. No groups as pertains to DynEd.  For each unit, we have an A and B class. To sign up for the A class, the student must complete 40% of the courseware. In the A class, the student is assigned homework that requires them to demonstrate understanding of the grammar points taught in the unit. To sign up for the B class, they need to complete at least 70% of the courseware and complete the homework from the A class. 
I �m a fairly new member of the staff here (only a few months) and I �m the "education director" (That, and a dollar will buy you a Pepsi! LOL) . My newest assignment is to redesign all of the lesson plans for both the A and B classes. (The existing plans are actually rather dismal, I do have to admit.)
I just wanted to see if anyone else is doing the A/B class thing and see if anybody had any best practices they wanted to share.
Also, I can make my new lesson plans available on this site, if anybody is interested and can use them.
Just let me know and I �ll gladly contribute.

29 Nov 2015