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Direct Object


Direct Object
Hi guys,
I badly need worksheets about the direct object for my 5th graders.
If u find any here in our web. , it would be perfect!!
Thanks in advance!

25 Feb 2009      

United States

You just need to write what you are looking for in the boxes above and write direct object in the contents box.
Here Is a link to what came up.


25 Feb 2009     


Yes, nebal, Libertybelle is right but there �s a problem: people don �t label their worksheets correctly according to their age level or topic. Look at the following example. I have typed the following:

Level: Age: Type:


Now see what I got:
Do you think that these worksheets are appropiate for a 10-year-old child ?????
Are all of them about direct/indirect object???
Are all of them about the topic I have searched?
Fortunately, I have only got 3 wss but when you have hundreds which are wrongly labelled, the search is almost impossible!!!!
So my suggestion is the following: let�s contribute with the site by thinking it over before providing the ws information and if you feel that you can modify the already existing one, go back to it and edit ant�ything. this site is growing fast and it would be a pity to waste some valuable contributions just because searching is too tyring and useless.
BTW: why is the second ws in my search still in the site? it �s a clear and absolute copy-and paste from the Net!!

25 Feb 2009     


Thank u  Damielle & Libertybelle.
Well, you �re right about what u mentioned. I know I should write what I need to search in the content box and know that I can determine the level and age. But, as u said Damielleta, some worksheets don �t have the label " Direct Object" which I might not find. That �s what I hoped to be found.
I searched all the worksheets related to my topic, bu still not satisfied . I need much more .
Plz, don �t misunderstand me. I do really appreciate your help, both of u .

25 Feb 2009     


after reading this post, I � ve labelled all my worksheets again , and I � ve realized that in "other contents"  box I have never written a word..!!Is this box also helpful for defining the content? and Does it make the search easier? 
PAULA   Geek

25 Feb 2009     


Yes Paula,, it does and very much. Great for you!!! I hope lots of members imitate your example.

25 Feb 2009     


Yes Thank you Damielle and Nebal for bringing up this important topic.
I have done some searches and it was almost funny how many completely unrelated worksheets showed up. It makes the search function much less valuable to all of us if our worksheets arent well labelled.
I went back and edited all of mine a while ago when people said kindergarten english was showing up in the adult searches and so on. This is a good reminder to label carefully and to ask everyone to have a look at how their printables are labelled and edit any that may not be clear.
Thank you everyone for making our community work better every day! Big smile

25 Feb 2009     

United Kingdom

Not much luck nebal. these are only things I found.

25 Feb 2009