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United Kingdom

Lesson Plans
This is just an idea to throw out there but I think a really good idea would be to have a database of lesson plans incorporating work sheets and flashcards found on this site. It would make it a lot easier to naivigate the site and possibly increase the download rates of older worksheets. what do people think?

Mr. Tickle

26 Feb 2009      


I don �t really understand your suggestion as we actually have a database already.  In the search facility you can find items by title, word or virtually anything.
It may be limited, but it is simple and if anyone wants to find a worksheet or lesson plan on virtually any topic they are able to do so.
How else would you want it to be improved?

26 Feb 2009     

United Kingdom

I was thinking say as a very basic example:


First, play slap game with flashcards found here:


Then play an interactive game with the cards.....

Then use the worksheet found here:


etc etc........

Obviously a real plan would need a lot more detail but it would be really good to have this style of plan so all the resources are at hand and easily accessable.

Making a plan for each topic making use of some of the most useful material will save a lot of time....

What do you think everyone?

26 Feb 2009     


Thanks for your clarification.  I agree 100% with this idea, but sadly, being realistic, I don �t think it will work.  The majority of contributors to this site very rarely even include an answer or solutions to their worksheets, and whilst this may not be such a problem with simple grammatical problems, when the worksheet contains puzzles about life or animals that only specialists know, then this is pointless.
The beauty of this site is the simplicity of just uploading and downloading, with minimum form filling.  The search engine, whilst not very thorough is more than adequate for finding most things.  Indeed I am somewhat surprised when people write in the forum "where can I find a worksheet about the past tense?"  I feel like shouting - use the search facility.
To cut this short, I think it is a very good idea, but not very practical.  Anyone else think different? 

26 Feb 2009