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english file


english file
Hello everybody!!!  have you been working with English File 3th edittion? do you know these books? I would like to have information about them.
Thanksss a lot!!!

5 Jan 2016      


It �s one of the best books I have ever taught ! good luck))

5 Jan 2016     


I side with Inna on this. It is relatively lively, gives you plenty of extra supplementary material in the Teacher �s Book divided into Grammar, Vocabulary or Communicative Activities, there are some songs too. This allows not only for variety in the classroom but also equips you with additional material (should you need it) in case of mixed ability groups.  In the Student �s Book you �ll find a cd-rom with extra practice your students can do at home (and the computer will check it for them), some films with dialogues that you can use in class instead of listening, there is also a short documentary every unit. If that �s not enough, the TB �s cd-rom gives you a testmaker in several varieties. There is also a separate dvd, but it �s pretty expensive and it seems to me you have the same thing on the cd-rom. Once you start using it you probably won �t change it for anything else. 
The only downside I can see to it is the price of the set, but I guess it �s comparable to books of other publishing houses. 
I �d say it �s suitable for more mature teenagers - say 15+ and especially university students or adults. 

P.S. I used to teach from the previous edition of the File at Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels, currently teach English File 3rd Edition Pre-Intermediate ;-)
As a DOS I revieved all levels before the  begining of the school year and gave it a thumbs up! Hope that helps - by the way I�m not an OUP agent...

5 Jan 2016     


Thanks a lot for the information!!!

7 Jan 2016