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Help with the source book


Help with the source book

Dear colleagues, I need your help. Do you know the name of the grammar book which contains lexical-grammatical tests with multiple-choice answer? These tests should be like the following and correspond to elementary and pre-intermediate level. For example:

People have not always used an alphabet or letters for their… .1..Early man drew pictures on the walls of their…2..in which they lived. From these pictures we can learn much about human…3. . before writing was..4..

1)A-reading                        B-writing                      C-speaking                     D-listening

2)A-trees                             B-bulbs                        C-caves                           D-towns

3)A -play                             B-life                            C-action                          D-foil

4)A-invited                          B-excited                      C-discovered                  D-invented

One more example:

We all need exercise. This is as true for young people in their teens as it is for adults from 20 to 80.Regular exercise may first tire the body….1…then actually gives you…2 … energy. This is why many people who…. 3 …from general tiredness can….. 4…taking more exercise

rather….5 …more rest. So get regular exercise to feel and look better.

1. -A-but                B-and                   C-next                        D-however

2 -A-most              B-any                   C-very                         D-more

3. -A-prevent          B-suffer               C-defend                     D-protect

4.-A-avoid              B-keep                 C-succeed                    D-smell

5. -A-as                 B-like                      C-from                       D)-than

I am doing research work.I would be grateful If you give a link to the resource or the book itself to my e-mail: [email protected]        Thanks in advance.

31 Jan 2016