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reporting a technical error


reporting a technical error
hello, admin !    I have really lost two points uslessly. infact,  until then I downloaded 698 pintables out of 700 points, so there were still two points left . what really happened was that I clicked on the file to download as usual but nothing was really downloaded to my pc cus connection was bad then . so , I afterwards discovered that the two points were taken without me profiting from the the printable I had clicked . please help me _ I am really in great need for the twopoints cus I have to download important file as today as possible. i can ´t wait until  i upload and get the points afterwards

12 Feb 2016      

United Kingdom

Hi Nasro, that ´s annoying. I doubt if you ´ll get them back. Anyway, I have downloaded 2 of your wss. They look good.

12 Feb 2016     


And I downloaded 2 worksheets just now, now you have 704 pts

12 Feb 2016     

maryse peyé

The author

Belhadj Nasreddine

Points: 716


12 Feb 2016     


I am really grateful to those who downloaded my printables in order to get me out of the trouble. I ADMIRE your generiousity and kindness . I love you , friends. I wish I could reward you for your great help to me, Gi2gi, maryse peye and cuntliffe

12 Feb 2016     


I also downloaded two of your ws.
Good work 

12 Feb 2016