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Hi, everybody -- 
I īm working on my Business English course again.  I īm on class #27 of 110 (Yeah, I know. It īs slow going).
The lesson I īm working on now is about making formal presentations. I īm setting it up so that the homework assignment is to prepare a 5 minute presentation (necessary due to anticipated class size).  I īve been searching online for lists of topic ideas, but not finding any.
Do any of you have any ideas of where I might find a list? **OR** Can you brain-storm some topics? Either will be welcomed with gratitude.  Have a peachy day......

13 Feb 2016      

Hong Kong

Things I īve done successfully with my Business English students are: 
- present a product - that can be a financial product their company offers (a loan, an insurance product, etc.), something they just bought (like a new iPhone, laptop, etc.)  

- present your company, your department (if they work in the same company)

I can highly recomment Pearsonīs Market Leader, been working with it for 18 months now and my students are happy.

13 Feb 2016     

United Kingdom

Hi Folks!
I have a some of this kind of thing on the hard disk at home which I have used from time to time as we give business seminars once in a while, one of them being on presentations. The only thing I īve posted here is this.
However, that īs only really for small groups and can be used as pair work but it is a basic look at "lead-in questions" and establishing "rapport" with the audience. I don īt know if that īs the kind of thing you īre looking for but it īs always worked with me. I tend to work a bit on questions tags before doing the exercise.
I have a game that I īve used for doing the "introduction" and "outline" of a presentation which uses handy fixed expressions. I īll pop that on here now (should be ready tomorrow) as I īm so altruistic and wouldn īt dream of trying to get more points by exploiting your request for help.  
P. S. I don īt have all that much but if you PM me and send me an email address I could send some stuff to you that may be of use. 

P. P. S. If any of you have stuff for this kind of work, business presentations, please post here. Some of us would really appreciate it.

14 Feb 2016     


Hahahahaha!! Exploit away, luv. Glad to spend the points.   -- I īm designing an entire course that will be about 2 semesters long, if implemented properly. I have the direction *I THINK* I want to take this particular class in, but just need some topic ideas for the students ī presentations (rather than have them come up with their own).   
Still plugging away at google to see what I can find, but if anybody knows any sources, I īll gladly spend points to get them, as I plan to share all this biz course as I develop it.
And, yes, I have already posted the portions that have been completed of my biz work. Take a look when you have time. Some are better than others, I admit. But Iīm designing to assigned parameters. 

14 Feb 2016     

United Kingdom

Presentation dice game posted for tomorrow. Been pinching some of your stuff too. Very useful and imaginative. I īm going to have to keep my eye out for future uploads.

14 Feb 2016