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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Teaching Kids English In 5 Fun Steps - A Visual Guide By ESLinsider    

Teaching Kids English In 5 Fun Steps - A Visual Guide By ESLinsider

United States

Teaching Kids English In 5 Fun Steps - A Visual Guide By ESLinsider

This is a visual guide to teaching kids English. It was made from the original video (that includes written instructions) which was made while I was living in Korea and put on ESLinsider. This is a basic step by step guide using the PPP method of lesson planning. 

So if you want teaching English to kids to be simple and fun then you might like this. I hope it helps.


5 fun steps to teaching kids English


This is based on the "PPP" style of lesson planning.


Step 1. Warm up

Draw your students in. Get them interested.


You can see how to do "Teacher Says" here or choose another warm-up activity.


Step 2. Presentation


Present the material to the kids and then have them repeat after you 2-3 times.


Here I teach meaning by using images from their books.


Step 3. Practice

Time for practice. Repetition is key.


You can choose an activity for sentences or vocabulary.

Step 4. Production


Here students apply what they have learned to their lives.


Step 5. Review


Here we do a fun TPR activity to review the lesson.


That is "Presentation, Practice, & Production".

In other words...



1. Teach them the language
2. Have them practice it
3. Make sure they know how to use it

You can adjust the time for each part of your lesson to make it fit for 30 minutes or 90 minutes. Although in a longer class I might do this process more than one time.


And have fun. 

Kids get motivated by having fun and some adults like me do too^^. 

You can also watch this video on Youtube. And if teaching is tough and you want to level up your teaching game here is a course.

- Ian

22 Feb 2016      


Teaching English to young learners can be a challange,thanks for sharing!

23 Feb 2016     


Great and thanks for sharing! But, what step would you inclued in this lesson plan if your class was only 30 min lenth? 

28 Jul 2018     

United States

I would just adjust the times that you do each part of the lesson. So probably just shorten them. You don�t necessarily need a warm up game if your intro (presentation is interesting).

14 Sep 2020