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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Is it right to say     

Is it right to say


Is it right to say
Dear all,
Have you heard " My job is a teacher."?
Is it correct? I think it incorrect.
Thank you 

25 Feb 2016      


I keep getting sentences like that from my Portuguese students basically because that �s the way we say it in Portuguese.
In my opinion it is incorrect and I always tell them to say "I am a student" but it �s difficult to make them say it right because of the way Portuguese language works.
Anyway, I think it is always better to see the opinion of our native speaker colleagues. 

25 Feb 2016     

Russian Federation

kara305, it �s incorrect. You mas say, however, "I am a teacher"; "my job is teaching", "I work as a teacher" or "I teach for a living"

25 Feb 2016     

United States

I agree. Point out to your students that a teacher is a person, and a job isn �t, so a job can �t be a teacher.

25 Feb 2016     


Thank you, teachers. 
Wish you a happy working day!  

25 Feb 2016     


You could say: My job is teaching / My job is that I am a teacher.
However I prefer the standard "I �m a teacher" because that is what most people would say naturally.

6 Mar 2016