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Scoring for online test


Scoring for online test
Hi everyone! I really love this site and I am so much grateful to those behind it. I made an online test and i have this concern about the scoring system. I have seen this number 1-9.. after somebody answer my test in the group i created, and i am not sure what those numbers mean.. i mean, can an anybody explain how the scoring/grading system being done? For example I have a 50 item test, a student took the test  and got a 5 grade, how much exactly is his score out of 50? Another thing is, my test is a multiple choice test and I want to know for instance what specific item/s have a student got wrong.. when i try to see their answers i cannot determine their mistakes quickly because there is no red mark or something (which i wish they have) and i have to check their answer like I am checking their paper manually...This is some sort of a suggestion.. I wish the test result would give us the exact number of correct answers that the student got out of the number of items we gave, and viewing their result or answers  would be easy if they have an identifying mark (like red mark to those items that they got wrong..Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

28 Feb 2016