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Font: http://opendyslexic.org


Font: http://opendyslexic.org
Cuold you please download the font Open Dyslexic, so my printables are not changed? Thank you. Viviana

4 Mar 2016      


I honestly can ´t figure out what you mean. Which worksheets? Changed how?
Buit maybe it ´s just me. 

5 Mar 2016     

United Kingdom

I agree with Minka. However, for many years now, I ´ve been hearing about a new dyslexic-friendly font coming through. The font on this link looks exciting and I ´ve been trying to download it, but I ´ve failed. I suppose webmasters like Victor and Peter (on islCollective) would have to import it, too? Can anybody shed any light on this? Is it the Promised Font? Comic Sans is considered the most dyslexic-friendly font at the moment, I believe. 

5 Mar 2016     


I download it on this link: http://www.dafont.com/open-dyslexic.font (on top at right)

5 Mar 2016     


A better one, at least I think so, can be downloaded here: https://www.dyslexiefont.com/en/dyslexia-font/  The designer of this font is a dyslexic himself as well as a designer. The font has a retro kind of look, just like the open-dyslexic one, but it ´s more than just looks. (I thought this one was released earlier than open-dyslexic)

The letters d, p, b, y and l, for instance, have an extra ´hook ´ (if you call it that) at the bottom, so dyslexic readers can distinguish between confusing letters more easily. The lines of the parts going up and down vary in length as well, for the same reason. Spaces between words are larger than in normal fonts. Even spaces between some letters differ in order to help readers further.

The font is free for personal use. Schools have to pay, but the amount is reasonable. 

I always thought that in order to stop fonts from changing, the person who downloads the printable needs to have the font installed on his (or her) computer. This might go as well for the website it is uploaded to, but I ´m not completely sure. Victor might know.

5 Mar 2016