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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Apostrophe is a happy girl!    

Apostrophe is a happy girl!


Apostrophe is a happy girl!
Who do you think the apostrophe is? The marking of the omission of one or more letters? Come on! It �s 2016! It �s not a secret any more... Apostrophe is a girl! A happy one! I �m not lying! Have a look!
If you want to see more of my ideas have a look at 
  1. Papadeli Language School
  2. My page on fb
  3. English Tricks 4U

Greetings from Greece,


5 Mar 2016      

United Kingdom

So innovative and exciting! This visual approach with fictional characters is excellent. I also love the sentence grids... and cashew nuts as apostrophes! Thank you for sharing your great resources. 

6 Mar 2016     

United Kingdom

She�s a fascinating little character* and it�s pleasantly appropriate that a teacher from Greece should highlight her in such an entertaining way. Is the word itself feminine in its original Greek?
*There�s at least one renowned linguist and grammarian who for years has been trying to have the apostrophe recognised as the 27th letter of the English alphabet. I�m not so sure, but see here:

6 Mar 2016     


What an excellent site you �ve there, with many great resources and ideas! Thank you ever soo much for sharing all of that with us!
Keep doing this way as it is just fantastic! Abigail.

6 Mar 2016     


It �s good to see you Sophia!  Your site is AMAZING!  I am going to start using some of your ideas right away.
I can �t find your reference to Apostrophe. Is it me?  Where should I look?
Thanks a million and keep up the good work! 

6 Mar 2016     


Thank you all for your warm comments. The visual approach, cunliffe, is my way. I �ve been drawing for a long time and now I have the whole grammar tale. Unfortunately, I don �t have time to get it in a book somehow. But I do have posts on my fb pages, at least once a day. I also had two seminars on my work this year. Teachers seem to be interested in my visuals.
almaz, Apostrophe is feminine in Greek. That �s why I present her as a happy girl. It �s a beautiful story. All letters are characters, produce different sounds when they hang around with others, produce grammar rules... Kids seem to absorb every second of the presentation, production and practice. I also use interactive notebooks as the one you can see in the picture.
 EstherLee76, there �s no reference to Apostrophe in my blog. Haven �t had the time to describe it and upload several pictures... Hope I will in the future. But, as you can see in the picture, letters form words. In this picture, the teachers form the verb WATCH. Apostrophe is a happy girl, that wants to connect words, make them friends and become a new family. She �s a bit naughty , though, because she gets rid of other characters and takes their place...
Facebook seems to be faster than my blog. I keep posting my ideas, almost once a day. You �ll find a lot of pictures and videos of my work there.
Thanks again for your kind comments.
Hugs from Athens!

6 Mar 2016     


I �m definitely going to explore the material you are sharing! It looks amazing! Thank you, Sophia!

7 Mar 2016