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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Question??????    


United States

Good morning I have a quick question for comparative adjectives which on is correct and why?
more red

11 Mar 2016      

Russian Federation

white - whiter - whitest
I don �t think "red" is an exception
So, it �s red - redder - reddest 

11 Mar 2016     

United States

thank you

11 Mar 2016     


Hi!! everyone is such a big pleasure to write you I need your help, Could someone send me links where I can get games and ideas for teaching vocabulary to little ones , I really apreciate your help a lot.
Thanks so much

11 Mar 2016     

hanene boumessouer


11 Mar 2016     

United States

The problem with "more red" is that it is ambiguous.
1. It can mean a % of the color rather than a comparison.
This new color is more red than orange. = It contains more red paint/dye/coloring than the amount of orange paint/dye/coloring.
2. This ripe tomato is more red than green. (70% red and 30% green)
"This ripe tomato is redder than that unripe tomato" is the correct way to compare.  
How to see a redder red in Nature News & Comment is the correct adjective, not a "more red red"
The confusion may stem from the fact that we have heard "more read" in such sentences as "Wesley is more read than Walter Scott."  And "more red" sounds just like "more read"

11 Mar 2016