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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Help with an adult student    

Help with an adult student


Help with an adult student
Hello everyone! I wanted to ask you if you could help me with some ideas to start a class with an adult student, I don �t know her English level yet, because I haven �t started with the classes, but it is going to be an elementary level, so, have you got any ideas, activities, level tests, etc to share? thank you very much!!

5 Apr 2016      

Anita Quiroga

Hi Aipi! I had the same experience last month. I started with a conversation in Spanish (our mother tongue) about why she started studying English and what she expected from our classes. After that, I started with a photostory to introduce the verb "be", I presented a chart with the uses of this verb and used some exercises to show her how to use it in questions for personal information. After that, I gave her some cards I had already prepared with those questions for her to ask me, so I answered with my personal information. Some classes later I used very elementary songs that are popular these days and she really liked them, because there were some in which she had to fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb be or the correct subject pronoun, etc, and she understood she could have fun while practising grammar or vocabulary. I also used games in which she had to unscramble to find a word I had introduced and crosswords. I have uploaded some worksheets that may be useful for your classes. Hope it helps you!

5 Apr 2016     


It �s always good to find out her interests and her goal in learning English. I had an adult learner who worked in the restaurant industry so all our examples were centred around the English she needed for her professional interactions.
Your student might feel quite shy at first so plan lots of little, open-ended activities to encourage her to talk. Some ideas might be:
- picture prompts (use simple adjectives to describe the picture)
- personal information and introductions (e.g. role plays for checking into a hotel or introducing yourself at a business conference)
- numbers; I like to use a big sheet with all sorts of pictures of numbers in real-life situations (buses, house numbers, adverts with phone numbers on them, price tags, birthday cards ...)  - once you �ve elictied the English for the numbers, you can try to make longer sentences e.g. "I live at number 44."
- very simple quizzes (like the ones you find in teenage magazines)
- comic strips or cartoons 

18 Apr 2016     

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