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Literature worksheets

South Africa

Literature worksheets
I was told my worksheet looks "scanned in" because it was based on a literature extract.  How else could one draw up contextual questions without having an extract with line references?  Or is one only allowed to post grammar worksheets. 
I can touch type very well, so it īs a compliment to say it looks "scanned in". :D

1 Mar 2009      


Do not worry. It can be seen is has been typed.
You are not the first and there is nothing wrong with it.

What is advisable is to quote the source at the bottom of the text to avoid this kind of accusations which should not exist (if somebody is not sure, there should be a private message instead of a public comment).

I feel some people find pleasure in accusing, pointing at...
Interesting fact

1 Mar 2009     

United States

I beg to differ Tere.
There are 7 pages of texts and the reading text has numbers on the right hand side, and to me, it looks like the whole story is scanned in directly from a book.
I think it īs acceptable to paraphrase or summarize a story and add activities.
But this doesn īt look like original material.

All the reading materials I use in school have these sentence "counters". I don īt know many who add them when making their own material.
I apologize if I īm wrong - but that īs how it looks to me.


1 Mar 2009     


Actually, I put in sentence counters in unseens when I use questions like,  
THE WORD "HE" IN LINE 5 REFERS   TO ____________  Actually it is really easy.  You do a two column table.






 Once upon a time there

was a big bad wolf who

loved to chase little bunny

rabbits in the forest.  One

day,  he  ...........

 when you are finished you just remove the lines/borders.
but I haven īt seen his text yet.

1 Mar 2009     


Hi libertybelle,

If you have a detailed look at the text, it has typing mistakes. I mean,  typing rules (position of punctuation regarding parenthesis, space after punctuation, etc) are not respected all along the worksheet.

As regards the numbers pointing the lines, I use them as it is easier to correct/discuss when speaking.
If you quote a text, you usually do it as you find it and quotation is absolutely accepted. It does not go against authorīs rights always you mention the source (name of the story, writer and book) where you took it from.
You need to do so in order to present the exercises you want your students to do.

Anyway, I am for a private message first when we are not sure about something.

1 Mar 2009