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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Buying ready made esl games    

Buying ready made esl games


Buying ready made esl games
I was wondering if some of you could recommend some useful ready made games to be used in the classroom.
They could be something you either bought or downloaded but that you have tried with succes.
Thanks in advance for your help.

25 Apr 2016      

Korea, South

I īm teaching here in Korea at a middle school. This past winter, during our winter camp, the students made the game īSettlers of Catan ī. They seemed to have a great time with it and I also provided them with lots of different phrases (in English) for them to use while playing. They had a blast with it. I have the files that I received from another person and edited for my classes. Let me know if you would like the templates.

25 Apr 2016     

Russian Federation

MONOPOLY IN English is the best. Money talks! :)
TABOO is the second for me - but with pre-int and int students I simply use it as a guessing game, with them giving the definitions of words using the taboo language on the cards. It īs easier that way. 
 RORY īs CUBES is very popular with students, too! Comes in different versions.
SPEECH is a wonderful activity because there are so many rules you can play it by!

26 Apr 2016     

Czech Republic

Great game, however for poor Czech teacher still expensive, as you need more of them if you want to play with the whole group. So I īll have to prepare my own, which is very time consuming. That´s why we have holidays, isn īt it?

26 Apr 2016     

Czech Republic

And Activity of course. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameversion/229049/romanian-second-edition

26 Apr 2016     


And also here www.teachingenglishgames.com
there are books with games for all ages, many games that go with stories and songs for young learners.

28 Apr 2016     


I use Spot it basic english and Time īs up. Both are very popular with the students and regarding the times up the youths can create their own cards so it īs quite cheap ;)
Taboo is also great.

29 Apr 2016