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Reported worksheets


Reported worksheets
Dear friends
Recently I receive a message that a simple worksheet that I sent was copyed from a book. But I didn īt do that. I took the pictures from the google and made it.
I think people have to prove when it īs really a copy and who causes embarrassement to others without a proof would be banned too.
Sorry for this, it īs because I was disappointed with the situation.
I īd like to say yet this page help me a lot  in my work. Thank all of you that share your worksheets. I really try to make my worksheets as good yours are.
Thank you very much!

29 Apr 2016      

Russian Federation

When somebody reports it īs been copied from a book, he/she has to state the name of the book and a page number, so I think site moderators check and there shouldn īt be a mistake. Just be attentive, īcause Google can be  tricky sometimes  And Good luck with your further contributions!

29 Apr 2016     


Hello! I had exactly the same problem and then I wrote two messages to the Admin, but didn īt get any reply. And the worksheet was definitely not copied from a book. It seems that somebody likes reporting this kind of situation. 
Thank you all for your contributions.
Good luck! 

29 Apr 2016     

manonski (f)

If you take a picture from Google,  it could very well be a picture taken from a book. Googling images does not mean they are copyright free. 

29 Apr 2016     


But it should at least be stated which book it was from and which page it was, if someone is going to all the trouble of complaining about it.
How are people to know if an image on Google is copyrighted or not?  Is there any way of knowing? Or should all teachers be afraid of posting any google images, just in case they are copyrighted?

29 Apr 2016     

United States

When you do a google image search, there is a button for tools. One of the tools is Usage rights (licensing). You can choose "labeled for reuse with modification" or other licenses. P.S. To see the details in the images below, you can enlarge them by pressing ctrl shift + at the same time to zoom in on PCs. You can also put the words "public domain images" in your search.

29 Apr 2016     


Thank you.

29 Apr 2016     


The same has recently happened to me...I uploaded a worksheet with song activities that I designed some time ago. As I couldn īt find the digital version of that worksheet in my computer, I scanned a paper format one. I received a message saying that it has been reported because it īs a copy from a book, when it is not, and it can clearly be seen that it has been designed using Word...I was sad to hear that when that was not the case, as I had designed them...I sent a message explaining what had happened but I īve received no reply so far... 

2 Jul 2016     

virginia miranda

 They never reply. :-/

18 Jul 2016