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dear teachers, I am looking for a coursebook for elderly learners. I mean people who are 45 years old and more, even 65.
I  have a group of them..I know I t is difficult for tyem to learn a new language.. That ´s WHy I need a very basic book for them
Thank you in advance 

1 May 2016      


hahaha Bomberito, this has made me laugh so much, thank you for making my Sunday a happy day
I am 47 years old, and am very amused that you describe people who are " 45 years old and more" as "elderly".....
Thank you in advance

1 May 2016     

United Kingdom

Bomberito!  I am with WanderingJoe.
45 years old, and more, even 65!!!!!!!!! Gee, that old? As old as them there hills!
Get a grip, boy! Wink
Lynne (aged 97 and a half) 
Edit: ´older learners´ is fine

1 May 2016     

United Kingdom

He he he!  I think Bomberito made a bit of a gaff with his English but I ´m sure he meant to say "elder learners" or "mature." Easily done. I ´ve used "viejo" in Spanish a couple of times when I haven ´t changed chip while speaking. Most of my students are in their 40s and some are even older than me (52) yet I use games and activities all the time. Just make it fun. I think once you get past 40 the second childhood begins. It ´s pointless using grammar with people over 40 unless they already know other languages. Pronunciation games, question and description games, role-plays and mini theatre to back up any (briefly explained) grammar. And less of the elderly, young man! 

1 May 2016     


Hello, well I ´m also elderly as I am 48!!!
Anyway, when I was teaching adults, i used to work with the ´English for life ´ series published by OUP. It worked well as the stituations and stories are related to grown-ups. Besides, it ´s a fulctional book, it deals with everyday life situations, dialogues, etc but no so much grammar. The series comprises 4 or 5 levels, so the 1st book is elementary and the last on the series is intermediate or advanced, I can ´t remember

1 May 2016     


Hi. I am using English File, now in its third edition.
They like it and it has a good level of English. Every second unit has an every day situation/dialogue connected with travelling (on the plane, at the Customs, registering at a hotel, solving problems, going shopping, etc). 

1 May 2016     


This is not a course book but it is a handy reference book for teachers of mature age students.  Our dear Peter Hardy put me on to it and it´s a gem.
If you would like a copy, you can purchase an eCopy from the author´s website or buy it online from any of the major booksellers (but do shop around as prices vary considerably)

1 May 2016     

United Kingdom

The excellence gateway materials are very good. There ´s ESOL Entry 1> Level 3 and also the functional skills English materials are good. 

2 May 2016