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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > please help me.    

please help me.


please help me.
Hi everyone. Please spend some seconds helping me with this sentence.
Married women think that it �s ______________ boring to be housewives all their lives.
A. so                            B. such                      C. too                           D. very
(the correct answer is C:too)
However, is it OK is "so" is correct in this sentence. Please give me some explanation. Thanks.

9 May 2016      


I think � �so and too � � is okay for this sentence so the question is a bit problematic. Because with adjectives we can use � �too and so � �.

9 May 2016     

United States

It depends on what the speaker wants to say.
Grammaticlly both so and too are fine, as emin284 said. You can also say it is very boring.  Very and so  make the statement a simple report of the housewives � feelings, while too boring suggests that the women are complaining and may object or rebell against doing their role. 

9 May 2016     


i think so needs that EG it �s so boring that many of them think of divorce
too or very is OK 

9 May 2016     

United States

In formal usage, you �re right, marioum, but it is very common to use "so" as a synonym of "very" in everyday speech.

9 May 2016     

United States

If you �re using this question for your students, maybe a better question to ask is which word CAN"T you use in this sentence. As the others on this thread already pointed out, "such" is the only one that �s flat-out incorrect. The other three (so, too, and very) are all fine.

9 May 2016     


Thanks everyone. your answer is clear. I can explain it to other teachers in my school. Thanks anyway.

9 May 2016     

United States

Yes, it is obvious that the correct answer is C. too. Why?
Because the sentence bears negative meaning and the author wanted to stress that  women do not like to be housewives all their life. "So � more like positive connotation, that is why TOO is correct answer.
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17 Aug 2017