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Stolen Power Point

Russian Federation

Stolen Power Point

When looking for some powerpoints, I found two works. They are similiar, but they have different authors. I can ´t say whose work it ´s in real.
If am not mistaken we can judge about it by the place in this site.
The work that comes first is the original and the work that comes after  is copied.
I am not good in these things.
Am I right?

The first comes work by romanianblues 
It has 7 downloads

Then goes work by Topolina 11
It has 32 dowloads.

I think it ´s awful when someone steals works and uses them to get points.  Shocked

2 Mar 2009      


Hi, Kadrie, you are right. I ´ve taken a look at it. Did you know the second work was ´DONE" by a 12 year-old girl???
I think ESL PRINTABLES should have more strict rules about stealing works!

2 Mar 2009     


Normally stolen and reported printables are deleted. Sometimes it takes some time.

3 Mar 2009     


It ´s neither romanianblues ´s nor Topolina 11 ´s.

See my search and download the powerpoint by clicking on the title:

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Formato de archivo: Microsoft Powerpoint - Versión en HTML
Simple past & present perfect in english. What is the difference between Simple Past and Present Perfect ? THE TOPIC:. Here are the two tenses: ...
www.didactic.ro/files/2/0simple_past_vs._present_perfect.ppt - Páginas similares
I have already told you: check powerpoints, most of them are stolen!!!!!
Apart from her 12  years old and the fact that she should not belong to this site because she is not a teacher:
"I think that we can achieve this goal with the cooperation among teachers. " (Victor Gayol)
Topolina 11 says "I do lessons by Kids for kids!! And for teachers too! I put magic and love in my English lessons and exercises!" she is not telling the truth because she hasn´t done this powerpoint. It´s  has been on the Net for about a year or more. Unfortunately for her and some others, I ´m very familiar with them because a year ago I downloaded a lot o ppts about esl teaching from the Net!!!

3 Mar 2009