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I need your help


I need your help
In a Bachillerato exam they ask the students to rewrite the sentence correctly without changing the meaning
This is the original sentence: "They say that he drive to work every days". I think it is an impersonal passive: It is said that he drives to work every day, but some mates say it is a kind of subjunctive and I �m confused. Can anybody explain it?
Thanks for your help

27 Sep 2016      

United States

Are you sure the sentence was copied correctly? "They say that he drive to work every days" sounds wrong to me.

27 Sep 2016     


The correct answer is "They say that he drives to work every day"
"every days" is wrong and we say "he drives" because we speak about daily routine we use the simple present tense also the sentense is reported "they say" and when the introductory verb "say" is in the present we do not change tenses so it remains present

28 Sep 2016     



You can also say "He is said to drive to work every day".

28 Sep 2016     


If that was the original sentence and they asked them to rephrase it, I think Mrs Seddik makes a fine point. The tense of the verb is incorrect and we say "everyday". So it makes more sense to rephrase it into "They say he drives to work everyday"

28 Sep 2016