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ESL forum > Teaching material > childrenīs book based on the present continuous tense    

childrenīs book based on the present continuous tense


childrenīs book based on the present continuous tense
I need help. I´m going to start  a unit about present continuous and i want to read a story in class based on that grammar point. Any ideas?
thank you

9 Oct 2016      


The best thing I can think of is a short story in which you describe what different people are doing (different actions). 

9 Oct 2016     

Russian Federation

Start your story as : Sam is at home now. All his family is at home too. Everybody is busy. His mother is cooking an apple pie in the kitchen. .......
Or you can imagine the situation that smb is in the room, preparing for a holiday smb is looking through the window....
It depends on age, level of students. 

10 Oct 2016     


I usually use pictures with a lot of people doing many different things. With a dog maybe and I usually say what the weather is like. Things like that. 

10 Oct 2016     

United Kingdom

The problem is the main narrative tense for a story in the present is the present simple, not the present continuous, as the others suggest. I tried writing a couple of stories myself to teach this tense and ... it didn īt go too well. They are aimed at young teens. I īll upload them now and you can see if they can be of any use. No pictures though... I kind of drew things as we read the stories. 

11 Oct 2016